The Krahjarn Elite are a Monster Play Tribe situated on the Evernight [EN] Server. We use Ventrilo in tribe only raids and we usually recruit anyone who seems to be a respectable player and who knows what they are doing.
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 Accepted: Application

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PostSubject: Accepted: Application   Accepted: Application EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 9:42 pm

Application Form

1. What is your real first name?

2. What rank are you?
R5 Black Arrow

3. Who are your Creeps? If multiple please list their ranks.
Just started playing: Demoneye

4. Are your Creep(s) signature yet?

5. Do you have a microphone?

6. How often do you play LoTRO? Hours a week.
24 - 30 hrs

7. Do you have any Freeps? Please list level and name.
Haven't really played freep, though
Viruk - Guardian R4
Selous - Hunter R4
Tyred - Champ R1

8. Could you make most Tribal Raids? Day of the Week and Time is Pending at this moment.
I raid alot in my kin The Forgotten, and am an officer there but will make every raid i sign up for

9. Do you have Ventrilo? If not, are you willing to get it?
Yes I own the vent servor used by the forgotten

10. What Country do you live in? Please include time zone in GMT.
South Africa GMT +1

11. How old are you? Age does not make a difference in your application, if the Officers find you have a sensible level of maturity that is all that matters.

12. Are you willing to be involved into the tribe by helping the community; being kind, helpful, respectful, giving etc. to other members?
Most people know me from Freep side so they can answer that question.

13. Are you willing to be active on the forums and check and post almost on a day to day basis?

14. What past experience have you had with MMOs?
Lotro- Officer and raid leader in prophets and forgotten

15. What other tribes have you been in? Why did you leave them?
dark prophts, but never had the time or inclination at the time to play creep. But I'm bored with Moria.

16. What do you feel you can gain from joining The Krahjarn Elite? And what do you feel you can give the The Krahjarn Elite?
I'm a good player, so I should add value to the kin. And all i want in return is friendly fellowship.

17. Who (if anyone) do you know that is currently apart of the tribe?
Smu was in the Fogotten with me

18. Anything else?
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PostSubject: Re: Accepted: Application   Accepted: Application EmptyWed Apr 29, 2009 9:23 am

Woohoo another jaipe! Razz


Tell Zuma to stop hiding the boerwors! >.>
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Accepted: Application
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