The Krahjarn Elite are a Monster Play Tribe situated on the Evernight [EN] Server. We use Ventrilo in tribe only raids and we usually recruit anyone who seems to be a respectable player and who knows what they are doing.
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 Warg Guide (Nozrog)

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PostSubject: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:57 pm

Quote :

1. Introduction.
2. Warg class describtion.
3. Warg pack.
3.1. Warg pack roles.
3.2. Conjuctions.
4. Strategy.
5. Soloing.
6. Skills.
7. Traits (under construction).
8. Other.
8.1. Sunning burlars.
8.2. Maps.
8.3. Stealt speed trait.
9. Warg Tricks.
9.1. LOS
9.2. Warg dance.

1: Introduction.

On the beginning I would like to say that this is only my way of playing of warg. I am decided to write it because wargs ask me lately how they can impove. I am not telling that I am know everything about this class but I am spend some time in moors and some of my experience can be handy for new people ( and some will most likely kill them )

Also i would like to apologize for my poor english language - in some places my grammar sentences can sound funny - i would like to ask for your help me in correcting them - Thanks.

This is open guide - i dont claim that i am best warg ever - some information here can be not correct and for sure lot can be added - if anyone of you want to join in creating it - fell free to post your corrections/adds in here.


P.S: Its my guide and i have moved it to TKE - will try to format it later to be more readable - previous version you can find here: Warg guide in Codemaster page

Many Thanks to:
Wolfman , Rarrl , Marrakses , Vraig , Varcolac , Yodi , Strangba , MordecaiWard and so many other with names i hardly remember in helping me making this guide either in discussion or giving ready articles.

Credits to Nozzy for it all ^^ Smile.

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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:57 pm

Quote :

2: Warg class description.

Silent and stealthy….
That how this description goes. Warg main role is to strike from surprise and make havoc in enemy lines. For sure our class is able to do that. And as well warg isn’t so soft as many people think. We got lot of usefull skills. Problem is that many people used them in incorrect way. If you are interested what skill this class have they are described at the back of this Guide. (point 6)
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:58 pm

Quote :
3: Warg pack.

It is natural for us. Nothing worse can happen to freeps that meeting with 3-24 stealthed wargs in place where they didn’t expect them. Rank of wargs aren’t to important here but essential is to have stealth speed trait slotted. Wargs without it don’t have any use for this kind of group. As well its good to have at least two rank 5 + wargs in that kind of goup for two reasons: They have Howl skill that enable a pack nice healing and they are experienced (most likely they will be pack leaders or assistants but this is not a rule) Most essential in warg pack is teamwork. Without its just a lose band of free kills. As well pack should stick close together in any situation and perform they roles in this kind of team.
There is few kinds of roles I am noticed in Ettenmoors.


That i have notice 5-6 wargs can take down most low and medium armoured targets before freep raid have even chance to react. But to achieve that it all need to keep to their roles. There is few of them:

A pack leader – He chosse route and target for a pack. As well he gives call for retreats . This role should be played by player who is aware of his surrounding and can judge that attack have chance for success. As soon target is chossed by leader noone should question it. It’s a time for that after a fight. He ussually stun a target and after that attack begins.

A leader assistant – Is not nessesary but its good to have someone who can point a mistake ( all people do them). His role is ussually to put criple or silence on target.

A Hunter – It’s a role what actually make pack strong. Without them a group can only kill few lonely freeps and wont stand a chance versus a Freep main raid. More of them then pack have bigger damage but as well is harder to control. Any warg can play this role but is important to do it smart. For every mistake they made all pack can pay life that’s so important to listen to pack leader and assistant. When attack begins this wargs are expected to use Claw from stealth at target ( if possible from behind) and dps target as much they can.

A scout: Can be done by Leader , assistant or been designed by group. Its important to have one warg always at back of pack in case if someone starts hunt for a team. Back is only a general term – it is a place where most likely reinforcments can come.

A healer: Wargs who have rank 5+ can heal pack with howl. And its lot of morale restored (1600 for each warg who used a skill ) but one condition must be made – Team need to kill someone. All team should do their best to meet that condition. It sometimes can be a weak NPC you just agroed or a freep. Healers in biger battle are responsible to kill weak npcs if they are any - may be a wolf , bear or anything similar. For sure Captain general is a bad choice for howling skill opener.


Conjuctions are absolutely useless in warg pack except a case when we need a power or dot in burlar. Lets see what they do.

Red one ( Troll) - it do from 220 to 320 common damage but waiting time is from 2 to 5 sec. In 5 seconds you can do from 600 to even 900 dps.
Green (Spider) - It put a dot on target what is a poison damage but is hardly comparable to their freep counterpart. it do around 340 to 570 damage over time - 30 sec if i am correct - in that time we should be far from freep raid as possible. Only exception is that we fight a burg - then if possibility arise you put green conjuction to dot him for 30 sec so he will appear after hips (if he dont have pots of course)
Purple Most useless conjuction ever - it do 120 to 240 damage and transfer it as your morale. I can't understand why some wargs do it when they far - Guys dont waste time for it and run in time of conjuction.
Teal (Wight) It give great power regen , i did not found any usses for it - use it in longer battles.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:59 pm

Quote :

4: Strategy.

Most depends on what fellow we are and what opponents we will fight but this are just basic guidelines.

Warg - attack opener.
In small skirmishes (2-8 freeps) Mostly what your fellow expect from you is to stun and cripple a correct target and do as much dps you can. What it will be ? priority have Minstrells , LM , then soft target like Hunters then champions and burgs. Last are of course captains and Guardians.
In larger battle (9+) Here I am advice to stun your target cripple it as fast you can and run. All dps will be concentrated at you from moment when you will show yourself. As soon as some dps will be spreaded for rest of fellowship then you can come back and fight. Sometimes most freeps will go after you – in this case try to lure them as long you can what will give your fellow a time to finish a target.

As a warg you have a possibility to made a lot of chaos in freep raid. You can appear from one side – made some freeps to chase you – disappear and go somewhere else. For me it’s a waste of class to be all time in stealth and wait for pray. I rather try to raise a possibilities to attack for my felloship/raid that wait for this situation. Make sure that you have one escape skill ready or a nice place to retreat before you will use this strategy – it’s dangerous.

A chase.
Often Free peoples are retreating from many reasons. Your job is to deduct with kind of retreat it is. It can take some deahs during a process.
If its is a farming retreat – a kind of maneveur what freeps do to get more space to chase and kill creeps/ Try to catch one strangler don’t go to far because most likely freeps will turn back to get you.
If it’s a Panic retreat - when they pull a NPC somewhere or to many of them died.
Here warg shine. One thing try to be unstelthed – reason one: you are more faster , two you show other creeps that chase started and mostly they will follow, three – if freeps running already one more visible chasing warg wont boost their morale for sure. Most wargs do a mistake and stop at first freep they catch. You cant do nothing more wrong. Just cripple it or stun and leave it for your buddies and go get another one. As well hunters and LM less likely stop when there is a warg near them ( most even df). Our role is to cripple and stun as many freeps we can and extend panic retreat duration to maximum. Even dying in a process is ok since its only one warg for few freeps . Nice exchange.

Protect your’s not four legged buddies.
As a class with two escape skills you should at least try to use them sometimes for your fellowship.Of course there are situation when is not worth to do that because he will be dead anyway. If you have dissaper just charge freeps – that will most likely made most hunters shot at you and hit disappear. If you have sprint try to move between buddy in trouble and freep raid be there a moment and run away. With this and WL help creep in trouble have much more biggest chances to get away. And as well try to protect a WL for all costs – if he die all raid will crippled till he come back. If you die instead of him - raid lose some dps and most likely you will be rezed.

A Scouting

As a stealthed class you have a possibility to be eyes of your fellow. You are faster that most of your buddies so you can be ahead of them and report if you see a freeps that your’s fellow can defeat or warn if there is a group who most likely will kill it. Also only hunters ( and if you were unlucky other classes) can detect you. When you doing this please be accurate - It doesnt give anything to raid leader if you say: Few freeps here. Try first check location where you are , then see how many of them is there ( it take some experience to see that on .. eye, at begining you would be need to count them all the time) and then report it. Also after you done that you can take closer look what classes they are and what they doing in your opinion. And they add it to your report.

Power Battery
Wargs can spam WBM everywhere – each stun you do with pounce have a chance to start it. So don’t hestigate to use it at agroed NPC , freeps who are just close or just start a spar and pounce your buddy with a fast duel to allow other classes to get power regen WBM. That I am notice rank can have some matter about how many times WBM starts or its just because I am spam it?

Gate keeper

When our raids take keeps and freeps are inside is more wise to use our stealth and attack from suprise to keep freeps who get killed from entering a keep. 5-6 wargs can prevent all lonely freeps from entering and give a fight to larger numbers of freeps. ( and few more important seconds for a raid upstairs) But when you are outnumbered greatly ( depends on classes , mayby 3LM and minstrel or 8 hunters) i advice to either stealth and let them in and start all from begin or retreat to main raid and help there till they deal with them.

i am a lonely warg - really.

When you and your budies can't find a prey is time to tacle freep ego a little. First at all you need to find good place to do that. It should be far from any friendly to freeps NPCs and creep ones too ( Some freeps will abandon chase if they know HS or keep is close) When you got a nice place is time to think how to do it. You can just go to freep raid and on line of their sight jump or pretend you are afk. They will notice you and follow for sure. Also some of them is smart enough to look at chat so you can kill one two weak npc to lure them ( Norbogs are great for that) When you got their attention now is time to decide - is rather better to lure them to trap or run away because you made bad pull. If there is a group of freeps that your raid / group can handle that then procced , if not just dissapear or sprint off and try again.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:00 pm

Quote :

5: Soloing.

Lets focus on that what dueling gives to you. Infamy gain for sure is smaller that in big raid , but from other side you can learn many interesting things what will help you in biger battles. For example - what each classes of freep can to do to your warg and how to fight them. Personally i am think it wasn't wasted time since i am learned a lot from fighting freeps. I wish to thank here to anyone who decided duel me.

Note: I have dueled around 2000 freeps so far so things are quite easier for me that to most wargs - take note for that - i am hope this infos will be usefull for you.

Wargs can get lot of infamy because we are able to defeat many classes or at least fight with them as equal. Here are some guildelines how I am fight certain classes. Duels been made in rank 6-8. 3 classs of freeps are easy to defeat , 1 is medium 3 are hard.

Vs Hunter. ( rank 3 +)
Difficulty - very easy
Very easy match for any warg if done correctly. Anti- root is a must when fighting him unless you like Heartseeker straight between your’s eyes. Just be behind him all the time and interrupt his concentration skills with pounce or
eye rake (if you have it).As well keep him crippled by all time – he is faster that you and can escape. As well is goot do have a nice obstacle to hide behind if we are feared or crippled bu them. Human hunters are toughest but any of them shouldn’t move your morale below 3k. Not very often you can duel this class and often they DF from fight.

Vs Guardian (rank 3+)
Difficulty - easy
Easy match – You will be need a food and perchaps a healing potion. Just avoid him when he have guardian pleadge on ( this skill what made him invincible for 15 sec) and try to apply as many savage fangs you can (-22% block chance and around 500 dmg over time)

Vs Champions ( rank 5+)
Difficulty - easy in most cases
Here depens what champion you face – some are very easy (the new ones) and some are extremally hard ( Human ones with full epic gear) – You will be need Food and Power,Healing potions here since you cannot allow to don’t have any power . First check if he is using favour. If so this opponent can be easily wiped –practiclly all your claws land on target and you are able to do more damage that him. If he is not problems starts. Focus on keeping him stunned as many times you can. As well savage fangs are your friend in this kind of duel. If he got –22block debuff use claws. Otherwise some of them will be most likely blocked and you lose power to fast. If you manage to keep use your power in smart way and have some luck you should won.

Vs Loremaster ( rank 7+)
Difficulty- medium
I am advice that only rank6+ warg fight this opponent in 1vs1. You need all kind of potions and food for soloing it. (mayby except power potion). As well you should have sprint ready ( just in case if he use tar- a skill what makes a round area where you running speed is greatly lowered) Tactic is simple – Silence him as much you can and straight away kill his pet – its main target at the beginning – one it removes lot of LM dps , second it gives you a 1600 morale (howl). Don’t focus to much on LM in that time just keep silence him and back to pet – try to be aware if he is using concentration skills – especially for animation of Lighting Storm and Ray of Light. They are two most dps attacks of LM. After finishing pet ( is good to wait a moment till LM use a mez skill and you use potion) use howl and kill him. From this moment it’s a easy part. However you will be at low morale (depends on LM and how hardly he will be defending pet)

Vs Burglar. (rank 7+)
Difficulty - hard
Human burgs are out of range – just forget and run away. Hobbit ones however are winnable. Anti-stun potion is a must as well like Healing potions , Food and hobbit tracking talisman. On beginning of fight its good cripple burg and stun him with tendon shreds. And check what he will do – if he used a evade skill then we avoid fight till buffs end. He shouldn’t catch you even if you have dust in the eyes – thanks to cripple. And after that we just focus on him. If he didn’t then don’t stun him at all. Savage fangs are essential in this duel – use them as much you can. Hobbit burgs don’t have enough morale to kill you. They can only win if you will be very unlucky ( few critical hits 570-620 dmg!!!). As soon burglar will dissaper (some do that in duels - that’s sad) stay at place. After you are out of combat use talisman and finish him off ( Is good to have sprint to catch up him fast) As well dissaper will get you out of cobat faster – it takes around 10 sec normally and with dissaper 5sec .

VS Captain , Minstrel ( rank 15 mayby)
Difficulty - very hard
They are practicly out of range for solo warg. If they know what they are doing you will be most likely killed. They don’t have big damage but can heal themselves. I am bet few new captains but old ones with epic gear on them are out of range.

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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:00 pm

Quote :

6: Skills.

Stealth: cd (Cooldown): 10 sec, pc(power cost) : none
Main skill for a warg. Our main advantage is that most freeps dont know where we are. But however sometimes some people can see us it in way that make this skill less usefull.
Each damage on you break it (except disappear). Even Aoe. Most new wargs make a mistake and come close to freep from front side. In smaller skirmishes it can work but in larger battles its dangerous for you. Freeps always are focused on what is at front. There is a lot of things that can break you from stealth there ot slow you down. Traps , Arrows flying everywhere , mad reaver who just been target of a aoe root , arrows , lighting and many more. If you just go a little more left or right you can avoid all this surprise and will be more successful.

Claws: cd: none, pc: 77
It’s a nice skill if used wisely. Its one problem with it. It cost 77 power. That mean if you start spam it soon you will be out of power. And its not very efficient if you attack from front. It works best from rear of freep. It do 212 damage in average freep - 424 if crit (if you have more damage traits it can be higer – on heavy armored foest its lower). However on front it do around 123 and that I am notice is less likely to crit. Our auto attack do for comparision around 80-90 but don’t cost power at all.

Pounce: cd: 10 sec, pc: 42
Here it is our CC skill. Its important to notice that sometimes it have chance to start warband maneveur (20%). You can use it in few situations.
One: When you are in stealth – then most likely you will stun your target (99%) and skill won’t be put in recharge.
Two: When target have a crippling bite on it. It will remove it (even if missed) and its not so efficient as from stealth (60%)
Three: Pounce break concentration skills like LM’s spells , Rezes , Heartsekker etc. So it can be used as a interruption skill.
Four: If target is stuned and crippled you can pounce him again – it have a chance to start WBM – this is so cal;ed warg double stun. With Tendon shreads skill you can do same (with 99%) but even a pounce can do it.
Remember that stunned target cannot evade/parry/block so every skill you use on a target who is in stun state have 100% chance to be applied. However you need to act fast till its have very short duration - 5sec. if you use Tendon Shreds’ after it you can extend stun duration to 8-10 sec. – So use your cripples , slinece or savage fangs when target is stuned.
Note: Never pounce a burglar – you can do it only in situation where is a not a big chance to kill him or to save a creep. When you do it then he get 30 sec invincibility and a decent healing (3k morale). Also there is few situation when its possible to kill burglar by chain stuning him but I am not advice it to new wargs. It take some experience to judge when this moment come.

Tendon Shreads: cd 5 min pc 65
Another CC skill from warg “arsenal”. You can use it either to start Warband Maneuver (WBM) or to stun your target (or extend stun duration of pounce) If you want start WBM please check first what buffs have your target. If it have either stun immunity ( round pink icon) or WBM immunity(red shield on yellow background) it’s a waste of skill. When you started WBM remember that you have still time to claw your target ( additional 140 damage) and you can apply one 100% hit skill. ( like crippling bite). And here we come to main question WBM or not. If you want to hit red then it’s a waste of your time. You can do more damage by spamming claws or autoattacking. In my opinion is worth to use it for power regen or poison damage.

Crippling bite: cd 10 sec pc 50
Our only slowing skill. Very usefull. You should use it as many times you can. It either open you a way to ponce a target or use savage fangs. As well if you do it you are much more faster that target.

Savage fangs: cd 10 sec pc 65
I have mixed feelings toward this skill. Its nice debuff ( around 53 common dmg each 2 sec for 20 sec) and as well it cause second debuff sometimes (-10% attack speed and -22% to block) But it removes crippling bite. I can’t count how many times freep escaped because someone used it in wrong moment. Most wargs forget that after using it target can miss/evade/parry cripliing bite .
Sometimes it isn’t not worth to use it because a raid will do more damage that this debuff. As well if fighting npc remember that other wargs can use pounce in moment when you use it. Its very annoying for them. Best is to wait till they use pounce and if it stays use it and reapply crippling ( if possible) it that way at least they don’t waste a pounce.

Silence: cd 1 min pc 65
Another skill with can be used in certain situations. It don’t remove any debuffs but have very long cooldown. So it must be used in correct moment. In short brief it disable all vocal skills for 10 sec. That means minstrels cant heal LM cant use most of their spells , Captain cant buff. ( I am not sure with one skills are vocal in certain freep classes – I am hope some of you will help in this matter)
Note: If used on minstrel make sure you use it on time when you gonna kill him. Good is to use it at combo first stun , we do some damage and silence targen when its stuned ( 99% chance it will land) then we dps target and when stun immunity wear of we stun target again with tendon shreads or cripple + ponce ( not always work) – it will take out a minstrel for around 30 sec. More that enough to kill him.

Rallying Howl: cd 30 s pc- 121
Good skill for a fellowship heal. Bad thing on it is that you need to defeat a enemy and use it no longer that 5 sec after that. It heals 1365 (273 each 4 sec over 20) for fellowship and instantly heal you for 273 morale.

Dissapear: cd: 10min pc: none
A life saver skill.. Could be used in offensive way too ( stealth and ponce). It been fixed in book 12 and now it work 100% of times. Make note that some debuffs will damage you over time – wheb you are in dissapear you are safe but when it ends you can end unstelthed in middle of freep raid.

Sprint cd – 10min ( 5min traited) pc 50
It raise your run speed by 100% - very usefull to catching a freep or to escape . Also you are faster that mount when using it. Almost twice faster.

Eye rake: cd 15 sec pc 42
My favorite skill. It interrupts any skill that require concentration and opposite to punce it works always. Very usefull vs LM and hunters. Also it always dismout freep.

Pack hunter (flag)
I am found it absolutely without any use and think its waste of power. It heal you a bit. (5% of each you do its returned to you as a healing) It works to anyone who will hit target but don’t stack. Also it raise damage you make by … make attention +1 on every attack. Only use I found for it is to use it on hunters or burgs – Flag keep them in combat if they are in range(50m from you) so they cant use they out of combat stealth or run speed buff.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:01 pm

7. Traits (Wasn't Completed)
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:01 pm

Quote :

8: Other


Stunning burglars
by MordecaiWard

Note: Never pounce a burglar – you can do it only in situation where is a not a big chance to kill him or to save a creep. When you do it then he get 30 sec invincibility (79% evade) and a decent healing (3k morale). Also there is few situation when its possible to kill burglar by chain stuning him but I am not advice it to new wargs. It take some experience to judge when this moment come.
Never stun a burglar until you are experienced enough to know when and why to use it.
Burglars are the hardest class to kill. They have many lifesaving skills (HIPS, Touch and Go, etc.) that can turn the wave of the combat.
When a burglar is stuned he can use a reaction skill (touch and go) that heals around 1500 morale points and gives a high bost to evade, it has a low cool down (5 min ). This cool down can be reset by a skill that has a medium cool down (30 min ).
So if you are killing a burglar and he is low on morale and you stun him he will just launch touch and go and go away laughing at you.
When to use stun on a burglar?
1.- Your pack/fellow is attacking an easier target, they have enough dps to kill him without you and your next target will be burglar. Stun burglar and if he is not cool blooded enough he will use touch and go. With luck he will have other lifesaving abilities in CD and your pack/felow will be able to finish him.
2.- There is a burglar around in stealth mode and you see him. Stun him just to try to make him spend touch and go.

In general stun a burglar only when you know that it is harmless or necessary. So stun him as an opener to try make him spend Touch and Go or use it when you think that he don't have touch and go, or stun him when you have a good mixed fellow that can kill him even if he uses touch and go.

To the later if you have a group with several WLs it is more safer to stun burglar since shouts cannot evaded (as far as I know) so touch and go buff does not effect shouts.

Nozrog : i made few changes to it: removed ? in place i am sure it's correct , removed root part - wargs can't root. Thanks for explaining that.



Its a great tool for any creep not only for wargs. I notice lately that people ignore them or prefer rank above them. Guys for a wrg its a must. It gives us great mobility with conection of a sprint and our big speed let us be everywhere we want in no time. You can get maps by doing quest from a keep in their name. You can check how many you need by opening deeds and checking a bar. When you see its filled then you need go to grams to pick it up.

That are maps what are most used in ettenmoors:
Good Tol Ascaren map
Good Grimwood map
Good Lugazag map
Poor Tirith Raw map
Gramsfoot map.

first 3 are on 5 min cooldown and are separated - get them as fast you can and i am promise you that you won't regreat.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:02 pm

Quote :

9: Warg Tricks (under construction)

9.1 LOS

LOS also know as [L]ine [O]f [S]ign is one of the most annoying things to freeps. We all known that main dps and cc need to have you in clear shot range. But how take this advantage from them ?

Look around. Did you see that Tree or rock ? They doesn't look as ultimate Freep raid oblivion tool but in fact they are. If freep raid targeting you and you hide behind a tree what is happening ? All their dps they could do is wasted - and sometimes it can be 2000 per second. They lose their precious dps to figure out where you are and why they super dps skills wont triger and your morale bar is not dropping. Some really dump one may even not figure out this riddle.

But how you can make be hidden behind a tree and not be a leecher for group or raid ? Is simple , you can attack main raid assistant target frelly but when you see it switched on you then alarm sound should bell in your head. YOu instantly need to find cover and in same time check 2-3 other freeps and check their targets. If its you then run for it. That means you are MAIN target of raid and either you will die very fast or you use this trick Smile Your group or raid will be have much more use if they all waste dps on watchin on tree that you being dead.

Also if you do that you have nice possibility to restealth and join another target in full strenght.


Warg dance

You often can see older wargs spining around a freep. If anyone of you wondered why then i will explain it here. AS you know each freep character have zones. On frontal zone ( around 160 degree) They can block and parry. If you manage to a rear zone ( around 200 degree) then you avoid their parry and block (still they can evade). Also exacly on their rear zone (30 degree ? ) you get 50% damage modifer and bigger chance to crit ( not sure how much big) Creep players dont have this rules implented yet. So thats why we do it and also it have lovely visual effect and looks like fight.

Once again, credits to Noz for this wonderful guide Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:11 pm

Nice guide covers it all, only one thing I think is not mentioned (I might have read over it though) but all wargs probably recognise, if not other classes:

"You feel as though you're being followed."

Means a hunter used their tracking skill and tracked you. You will show up as a purple dot on their minimap, even if you are in stealth. And you can be targeted.

Go out of stealth and go back in and hunters lost their track on you.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:40 pm

very nice guide.
Only problem is this is a bit outdated, since after mom some skills changed.

Healing Howl: now it is pathetic
heals around 200 first hot and then 98 (yes 98!!!) each pulse QQ
I don't have it even slotted anymore
(I even remembered fighting dof master elites with just 5 r5+ wargs)

Racial trait pack hunter: now adds +20 dmg to each attack from your team to the target. I found it usefull, also in solo when you apply both dots (savage fangs and maul)

packs now just need to dps a lot and disappear, they cannot endure longer fight

Another important thing is that savage fangs and pounce do not remove the cripple effecct anymore, and that means you can spam them (thought you need to reapply the bite to each new fangs/pounce)

Plus they also added a couple of things but every warg can find out what they do by himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:43 pm


Not my guide Wink. But it is uncompleted anyways. Won't be completed either since Nozzy isn't checking these Forums anymore. Its a good guide none the less. Was made Pre-MoM also.
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PostSubject: Re: Warg Guide (Nozrog)   

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Warg Guide (Nozrog)
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