The Krahjarn Elite are a Monster Play Tribe situated on the Evernight [EN] Server. We use Ventrilo in tribe only raids and we usually recruit anyone who seems to be a respectable player and who knows what they are doing.
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 Tribe Rules/Guidelines

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PostSubject: Tribe Rules/Guidelines   Tribe Rules/Guidelines EmptyWed Dec 17, 2008 10:58 pm

These rules must be strongly respected and are strongly enforced. In order to be a member of The Krahjarn Elite you must abide by them, thank you.

1. Treat all members fairly and nicely. Be respectful.
2. Do not openly mock any player of another tribe or another tribe. We are a peaceful tribe and are looking to stay neutral.
3. Do not write abusive things on the forum.
4. Do not spam the OOC asking for things like An, a raid, a group or anything of that matter. Ask a few times and if no reply just leave it, I'm sure there will be some tribe members ready to help.
5. Please try attend all tribal gatherings. They are not mandatory if you are not online but if you are online or have signed up for one you are expected to be there. If you do not you will be given a warning.
6. Be open-minded about other people in the Ettenmoors, friend or foe, tribemate or enemy it does not matter.
7. Please do not argue with other members, officers will stop feuds when arisen and will talk to you and the other person separately and get to the bottom of things.
8. Post on the forums regularly.

Failure to agree to these rules will give you warnings, warnings are tallied up by officers in our own private forum. When they reach a certain point they can result in: Demotion (part time and permanent), Suspension from tribe (part time), Suspension from tribe events (part time) and in rare cases, expulsion (permanent ban).

~SMu and the Officers
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Tribe Rules/Guidelines
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